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 While the GE CF6 type is precisely modelled in PS1, the other two types, RB211 and PW4056, are simplified as they are based on more complicated, entirely different EPR sensor systems. Now here’s more about the PW4056: A performance table (Excel) and an explanation (MS Word). By Mariano Anchorena.

External FMC hardware (commercial product) for Precision Simulator version 1.3 or higher. This is a real-size 747-400 FMC box with an in-built computer and CRT (cathode ray tube). Manufactured by Precision Flight Controls (PFC) in California (please note that PFC is not affiliated with Aerowinx).

PS1 Airways Query (PS1AirQ) is an atlas program (Windows) that takes all world-wide airway data out of PS1.3 and displays them along with the associated waypoints on a very flexible chart system. The program is running independently outside of PS1, but on the same computer. No network required. Password protected. By Avi Adin.

Aircraft Configuration for AirCanada (summer 2002) - There have been some software upgrades and equipment modifications since the merger of AirCanada and Canadian Airlines. So the Canadian CFX file from 2000, listed further below on this download page, is not up to date any more (but still a nice "historic" add-on maybe). By Daniel Morasse, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, AirCanada.

Ivo’s Winds Spreadsheet (v2.0a July 2002) (MS Excel) helps you to calculate the winds to be entered in the FMC Leg/Wind pages based upon the five PS1 weather zones. Version 2.0a now calculates estimated winds from 1000 feet to FL450 also if the route goes through both the northern and southern hemisphere. Wind components provided by Tom Whang's SimWX can now be calculated, too. By Ivo de Colfmaker.

Normal Checklists for Singapore Airlines B747-412. Three A4 pages in PDF format (Acrobat Reader required).

Tor’s PS1 installation guide for Win XP/2000 users -- This may help you to get joysticks and sound to work in PS1 under Windows XP and 2000.

New navigational data base for Precision Simulator (version 1.3 or higher). Markus Vitzethum compiled a completely new world data base for PS1 with updated SIDs & STARs, airports, navaids, waypoints and airways.

External MCP hardware (commercial product) for Precision Simulator version 1.3 or higher. This is an inexpensive and easy to install real-size 747-400 Mode Control Panel manufactured and distributed by Aerosoft Australia (please note that Aerosoft is not affiliated with Aerowinx).

The list here wouldn’t be complete without a link to Mathew Sheil’s home built 747-400 simulator. After thousands of working hours his sim is now so advanced that it will certainly inspire everyone interested in realistic “home cockpits”.

An analog “steam gauge“ Standby Altimeter for PS1.3a -- This experimental graphic hack displays an independent altimeter on the secondary EICAS. By Ivan Ngeow.

PS1 Real-Time Screen Capture for home cockpit builders. This program can send the primary and secondary EICAS screen graphics of PS1.3a to other network computers. By Ivan Ngeow.

VMREAD provides user-configurable access to PS1 internal variables and makes them available to client programs via Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers' Broker. By Ivan Ngeow.

VDMSound Homepage -- Helps you to activate sound and joysticks in DOS programs under Windows NT/2000. The download area of this web site is here.

Monitor flicker reduction. This freeware increases the monitor refresh rate to 67 Hz for DOS programs under Windows. DOS programs like PS1 normally run at 60 Hz under Windows. Note: This has nothing to do with the “frame rate” of a simulation.

Winds Prediction Spreadsheet for PS1.3 (Latest update, August 2001). Now includes temperature interpolation and a plot of temperature versus altitude for various surface temperatures. Microsoft Excel required. By NASA astronomer Dr. Torrence Johnson.

Precision Simulator 1.3a update patch. This patch will correct some minor anomalies in the systems simulations. By Aerowinx.

New Lufthansa Aircraft/Airline Configuration Files. LH 744 Capt. Rolff Proske is the new “PNF voice”. Recorded by Jeffrey Moss, edited/remixed by Hardy Heinlin. The ZIP file is password protected (PS1.3 Manual required).

Visual744 -  Another, excellent network application that transmits position and attitude data from PS1.3 into Microsoft's FS2000. In other words: A scenery generator for PS1.3 on a second network computer. By Urs von Aesch.

Where's the hydraulic pump, the starter motor, the generator etc. located in an RB211 engine? Here's the answer: The photo and the schematic. By Ian Riddell.

Various Air New Zealand Aircraft Configuration Files. The files have been verified by Barry Adam, ret. 744 sim instructor, Air New Zealand. Compiled by Emile Bax.

The most comprehensive and easy-to-read 747 FMC Guide for real pilots -- and PS1 pilots. (Commercial product. Please note: Aerowinx is not affiliated to this company, but this book is simply the best). For practical use and with lots of detailed examples. By Bill Bulfer and Skeet Gifford.

Kai Tak Landing -  A small clip of a (real-life) video I recorded while sitting on the checkerboard (in 1998, a few days before Kai Tak closed). It shows a 747 hit by an extreme cross wind gust during the flare. It seems the aircraft will end up in the “grass”, skidding at a 30° offset heading. File size 2.8 MB. Duration 40 seconds. By Hardy Heinlin.

SimWx -  An add-on program for PS1.3 that "injects" real-life weather data from the Internet directly into the simulator. By Tom J. Whang.

Precision Simulator in Human Factors research projects -  A brief description of a NASA sponsered project that models the “human/machine interface” in a modern glass cockpit environment. One simulation models the human pilot, the other simulation (PS1) models the glass cockpit. Both interact with each other.

Dutch accent ATC add-on for PS1.3. This package includes another ATC voice/accent for the ATC sound library in PS1.3, as well as a detailed description on how to create ATC sound files for PS1.3. The ZIP file is password protected (PS1.3 Manual required). By Ton van Bochove.

An add-on called “GPS.EXE” for PS1.3 that interfaces with Broker. It takes the information from Broker, converts it into a standard “NMEA” sentence, then outputs the data to a COMM port. If you have two computers, you can watch your track on a moving map. There is also a way to view your track using one computer. By Mark Masselli.

”Taxiway” is an add-on program for PS1.3 that displays airport taxiways in plan and 3D views on the lower EICAS screen. By Ivan Ngeow.

Here’s something special! For amusement, a fanciful Sherlock Holmes story, where the author tries to image how the Great Detective would have handled the problem of unraveling the picture's secrets (a picture of PS1). Adobe Acrobat Reader required. By Torrence Johnson.

Overview of all preset Airline/Aircraft Configurations currently available for PS1.3. Allows you to directly compare technical 744 specifications between airlines/aircraft. Adobe Acrobat Reader required. By Hardy Heinlin.

A list of all airports included in PS1.3 -  A plain ASCII text file sorted by ARINC coverage areas. Contains ICAO identifiers and airport names. Just use the “search” function of any text editor to search for airports. (Note: Airports can be added to PS1 with EditArpt). By Hardy Heinlin.

Aircraft Configurations for Air France -  Updated CFX files with exact AF specifications. The package now includes edited F/O sound files suitable to the AF checklists and calls (using Mel’s voice). The zip is password protected (PS1.3 Manual required). See Readme.txt. By Philippe Scouarnec.

GPWS Sound Update for Air France CFX files -  (may be suitable to other airlines, too). It replaces the "radio altimeter" call by "twenty five hundred" and the "plus hundred" call by "approaching minimums". The zip is password protected (PS1.3 Manual required). See Readme.txt. By Philippe Scouarnec.

FMC Gate Database for PS1.3 -  Continuously updated by PS1 users via the Internet. Contains over 8000 gate coordinates meanwhile.

SceneryInjector -  A program that takes position and attitude data from PS1 and inputs it into Microsoft's FS98 or FS2000. FS effectively becomes the scenery generator for PS1, displaying a forward visual view on a second network computer. By John Cavanagh.

SquawkBox747 for PS1.3 -  Connects PS1.3 to a simulated global ATC "live" scenario in the Internet. Allows the PS1 user to communicate with other users (i.e. pilots & controllers) online via text inputs and ACARS. By Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers.

Broker747 for PS1.3 -  The basic interface running in the background, translating in- and outputs between PS1 and PS1 add-on programs. Required for "SquawkBox747", "SceneryInjector" and other PS1 add-ons. By Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers.

RoutPlan -  A freeware Flight Planner for Precision Simulator 744. Includes a global nav database and a world map. By John Howe.

FuelPlan -  A freeware Fuel Planner for Precision Simulator 744 version 1.3. By John Howe.

PS1FPLAN -  A professional flight planning system for PS1. These flight planning systems are in use all over the world, at US-based dispatch training schools as a training aid, and at aviation universities in the USA. By Doug Snow. Shareware. Requires Microsoft Excel 97/2000. 

Part 1 and part 2 of the English accent ATC add-on for PS1.3  - This huge package adds another ATC voice/accent to the existing ATC sound library in PS1.3. Download part 1 and 2 to get the complete add-on package. The ZIP files are password protected (PS1.3 Manual required). By Brian Cowell.

Subject Listing and EICAS Messages Index -  An add-on for the PS1.3 Operations Manual in A4 format. Also available in US letter format. Consists of an alphabetic index of over 1200 subjects from the PS1.3 Manual plus a compact listing of all PS1.3 EICAS and FMC messages. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. The PDF files are password protected (PS1.3 Manual required). By Brian Cowell.

A "Quick Reference Guide" for the 744 compiled by Joerg Loehnig.

Aircraft Configurations for Canadian Airlines -  CFX files for the 747-475 and 747-4F6 (to be precise, after the merger with Air Canada the logo should read “Canadi>n” with a “>”). These are “bonus” CFX files, i. e. the F/O simulation is based on Lufthansa. By Mike Martin.

EditAirport (UPDATED May 2000) -  A Windows application with tools to add and edit airports and runways in the airport database in PS1. Caution: No more than 6 runways may exist within an area of 80 x 80 miles. By Patrick Montgermont.

Questions Catalogue for 744 type rating -  117 pages long and contains just under 400 questions relating to the operation of the 747-400. It was originally published on the EVA Air 747-400 Fleet Web site. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. The PDF files are password protected (PS1.3 Manual required). Re-arranged by Kenny Williamson.

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